Sex Toys

Maybe you're sexually inexperienced and looking for a way to get to know yourself better.  Maybe you've been in a relationship for years and need a way to bring back some of the fun and excitement you felt when you were first dating.  Maybe you've just been too shy to think about venturing into an adult store -- the selection can be kind of intimidating if you don't know what you'd like to buy.  No matter what your situation, you've come to the right place.  The Internet is a great source for sexy playthings.  Where else can you can enjoy browsing through a massive selection of toys in the privacy of your own home?

We @MorgansLingerie bring you the best products at Low, Low Prices!

The best just got better. The same Jelly shaft, rotating pearls and gentle clit stimulating vibrating bunny ears but now with integrated control unit, 2 direction shaft rotation and High or Low Speed. Simply the best hi-tech vibrator in the world. Requires AA batteries
Price: £24.99
The little rabbit in a stylish blue jelly finish. 5.5" long with those sexy bunny ears to tease you to a climax. Requires AAA batteries
Price: £9.99
The big rabbit has a slightly thicker shaft than the other rabbit vibrators and comes with integral slide control for vibrations and rotation. The rabbit for those who want a little bit more. Requires AA batteries
Price: £23.99
This amazing rabbit vibrator has 2 sets of vibrating bunny ears, now while one pair teases your clit to ultimate pleasure the other pair are gently arousing your anus. Rotating shaft and vibrating ears with multi speed and directions too. Requires AA batteries
Price: £28.99
The ultimate rabbit vibrator ever. With a 6 speed rotating shaft and 7 Modes of bunny ear vibration and pulsation this is the best rabbit vibrator yet. With integrated controls and metal rotating balls this is simply the best. Requires AA batteries
Price: £39.99
This rabbit goes like the clappers. Usual bunny ears, rotating beads, integral controls. Requires AA batteries
Price: £26.99
The bunny hopper is a phthalates free, 14 function orgasm machine! Has a vibrating penis shaped head, 4 rows of thrusting metal beads, a powerful bunny clit stimulator and advanced push button controls! Requires AAA batteries
Price: £44.99
Thrusts up and down with rotating metal beads and those good old vibrating bunny ears. Vibrates, Pulsates, Escalates with Multi speed! Requires AA batteries
Price: £42.99
With its amazing array of functions, this vibe must surely have a function for everyone. Ultra-ream 6-speed tip, roto-beads, 10 mode clit bunny. Requires AA batteries
Price: £49.99
This soft jelly g-spot vibe has a vibrating tongue to tease your clit and this is one of the most powerful vibrating components we have come across - truly awesome! Requires AA batteries
Price: £28.99
This 7 inch combi stim is waterproof and phthalate free. The clit stim resonates with 3 speeds, while the shaft vibrates with waves of sensual motion which is also totally reversible. These motions will have you ebbing and flowing with ecstasy! Requires AA batteries
Price: £46.99
The firm yet flexible shaft and clitoral stimulator are covered in tingling nodules, which hit all the right spots! Vibrator in the tip gives deeper sensations and the nodules resonate for extra thrills! Requires AA batteries
Price: £34.99
This 6 and a half inch rabbit has a reversible squirmy shaft and vibrating clit stimulator. Made from phthalate free material. Waterproof. Requires AAA batteries
Price: £26.99
The Silicone Butterfly is smaller than a usual rabbit vibe. It has an ultra-slim, silicone, rotating swirled vibe that has 2 directions and 3 speeds, utilising the five vertical rows of steel beads. Requires AAA batteries
Price: £31.99
Incredible wave motion, sleek design and waterproof controller.A revolutionary design that brings waves of ecstasy as the cushioned shaft rolls up and down while the clit stim ears do the usual bunny business Requires AA batteries
Price: £48.99
The Adjustaclit rabbit hits the spot that other rabbit vibes can't! The rabbit clit stim is fully movable 180 degrees, so you can find your spot and keep it there! Waterproof. Requires AA batteries
Price: £39.99
This unique rabbit has a suction cup to allow for hands free fun! It is waterproof and has 9 dynamic rhythms for the rabbit ears, as well as 8 speeds for the squirmy function of the shaft. Phthalates free material. Requires AAA batteries
Price: £36.99
Rotating steel beads, glow in dark controls, Ultra 7 multi speed and functions. Requires AA batteries
Price: £34.99
The mini Dolphin is smaller than a usual rabbit vibe. It has an ultra-slim, silicone, rotating g-spot tip that has 2 directions and 3 speeds, utilising the five vertical rows of steel beads. The clit stim is in the shape of a dolphin and has 7 functions. Requires AAA batteries
Price: £33.99
The Twin Turbo Rabbit is a waterproof, multi-speed, soft silicone vibe that stands out from the crowd! Requires AA batteries
Price: £37.99
Rabbit style vibe with a cute bear and erotic thrusting action for your enhanced pleasure.Multi speed and glows in the dark too! Requires AA batteries
Price: £38.99
The Pleasure Rabbit is waterproof and has 4 vertical rows of 5 steel beads that ream you in 2 directions and 3 speeds. The rabbit shaped clit stim has 7 functions. Requires AA batteries
Price: £49.99
This Rabbit's shaft ripples out in waves, creating a uniquely stimulating feel.The gyrating shaft, with its multiple patterns & powerful vibrating clitoral stimulator are independently controlled. Waterproof. Phthalates & Latex free. Requires AAA batteries
Price: £41.99
This unusual rabbit vibe offres unmatched power and performance. It has 2 seperate rotating spherical soft jelly turbines that each has 6 rows of 3 metal beads which spin at 6 different speeds! Requires AA batteries
Price: £42.99
Pearl is a phthalates free, waterproof bunny vibe. It has a multi speed reversible rotating shaft which is indepently controlled from it's multi speed clit stimulator. Requires AA batteries
Price: £27.99